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Broxbourne Liberal Democrats


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    Article: Jun 20, 2021
    By Fabio Bonfante

    There is just 1 day until the deadline to obtain settled or pre-settled status.

    If you, or someone you know is a citizen of one of the 30 EEA countries and is a permanent resident in the UK. the deadline to obtain UK settled status as an EU national is June 30th. It is vital that you, and all the family members that wish to stay, even children, obtain this in order to continue to live in the UK and keep rights to healthcare and benefits amongst other things.

    If you have not already done so, please follow the instructions in the link below as soon as possible, allowing time for any issues which may arise. https://www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families/applying-for-settled-status

  • Article: May 1, 2021
    By Fabio Bonfante

    Please take a look at our manifesto for the county council elections on 6th May by clicking the link below.


    If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at contact@broxlibdems.org.uk

  • Article: Feb 21, 2021
    By Fabio Bonfante

    Calling all residents of Hoddesdon - asymptomatic Covid-19 testing is available today (Sunday 21st of Feb) Please use the link below to book your test.


    There are similar rapid test days coming up in other parts of the borough - please use the link below to find out more.


  • Article: Feb 3, 2021
    By Fabio Bonfante

    As you may have heard, the South African variant of Covid-19 has been found in Broxbourne.

    Please visit one of the mobile testing sites at either the Broxbourne Lido site or Paradise Wildlife park, or order a home test kit.

    More information can be found by following the link below, to Broxbourne council's website.


    If you need assistance, please feel free to email us at contact@broxlibdems.org.uk and a local volunteer will get in touch.

    Stay safe

  • Article: Nov 9, 2020
    By Fabio Bonfante

    Our community and our country has been through the mill in the last few months , thanks to COVID-19 and the economic fallout it has caused. We have all been affected and our hearts go out to those who have suffered and lost loved ones in this awful pandemic.

    Yet our Government, whose poor decisions have made an awful situation worse, have decided now is the time to radically change the planning system to allow the government to dictate to local authorities how much housing they must deliver over the next ten years, a developer's charter.

    What that means is your local council and elected councillors will have no real say in significant changes to your area.

    The list of changes and the likely damage they might cause is long but some of the proposals stand out as particularly worrying: No planning permission will be needed to repurpose commercial buildings as housing and any two storey house may be extended upwards by two storeys without needing a planning application. Locally this may result in denser housing development, of poorer quality, placing more strain on already overused, roads, schools and surgeries. If the Government get their way there would be no way of stoppng it.

    Your Lib Dem team have already begun fighting this nightmare . We will do whatever we can to stop it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and if you would like to contact me you can do so anytime at libdemdavep@yahoo.com

    We would love to hear your thoughts.

    Very Best Wishes

    David Payne, Fabio Bonfante, Bradley Davis

    Liberal Democrat Activist in Goffs Oak and Bury Green.

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    Article: Oct 31, 2020
    By Fabio Bonfante

    Stephen Giles Medhurst

    At last Tuesday's (October 20th) Herts County Council Meeting, the Conservative- run Council rejected a LibDem motion, which was supported by Labour, to call on the government to support Marcus Rashford's call for free school meals during school holidays.

    Later in the week the government similarly rejected that move for England. Shocking given Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are!

    Following this is it was great to see so many businesses and voluntary groups stepping up and offering meals and support so that children do not go hungry. A number of education authorities such as Essex County Council have stepped up to the mark and agreed to provide and support such meals.

    With 19,820 children entitled to free school meals in Hertfordshire it is only the county council, as the education authority, that can ensure every child and family in need can be reached.

    We called on the Conservative administration to step in and so far they have refused. To force them to listen and act the Liberal Democrat opposition have called an Extraordinary County Council Meeting (we wait for Tory Chair to agree a date which is required to by next week) to consider the following motion.

    "In light of the government's decision not to provide support for continued free school meals for those in receipt of these during the school holidays this Council commits to such provision through its facilities with or without the support of community groups up to and including the Easter holidays in 2021."

    The Labour group on the county council backs our move.

    There is also now no a non-political petition calling for that on the county petition site: its here https://democracy.hertfordshire.gov.uk/mgEPetitionListDisplay.aspx?bcr=1

    No child, whatever their situation should be forced to go hungry over the school holidays, let alone during a global pandemic. Let us not forget that 32% of families have lost income during this pandemic. Other education authorities have stepped in to help and we need Hertfordshire to do likewise. The Conservative Deputy Leader is as saying they provided additional support to more than 3,500 children and young people and some grants to families in need. That is not good enough.

    I urge your readers to sign the non-political petition asap and to lobby Conservative county Councillors and to support opposition ones. We need to make our views known loud and clear that no child shall go hungry, if the government refuses to act then we must and indeed can

    A post by Stephen Giles Medhurst Liberal Democrat Leader of the opposition on Hertfordshire County Council

  • Article: Oct 26, 2020
    By Brox Libdems

    If you are a resident of Broxbourne, we would really appreciate your views on the roads and highways in the county and borough.

    Please click on the link below to respond to a short survey.


    Thank you,

    The BroxLibDem Team

  • Article: Oct 24, 2020
    By Brox Libdems
    Speaking on Radio 4 recently Sir Charles Walker, MP for Broxbourne, said that the threat of the virus had been overplayed. According to Sir Charles "The Government can't stop elderly dying" because the fact is people in their 80's and 90's die", instead, "our focus should be on protecting them, not limiting the life chances of young people and people of middle age who are responsible for running and owning businesses".
  • Article: Jun 9, 2020
    By Brox Libdems

    We are outraged and saddened by the racist abuse targeted at Black Lives Matter protesters in Hoddesdon in recent days, and shared on social media. These racist views do not represent the wider Broxbourne community, which we know to be stronger for its diversity. Racism should have no place in our society.

    The murder of George Floyd is a disgraceful injustice and a tragedy. Now rightly we are reflecting on the scale of racism within our own society as well. With inequality in housing, health, opportunities and incomes, there are numerous hardships which disproportionately affect black communities, and which the UK Government should be working at a pace to address. Not least, in the last week, evidence has shown how BAME communities have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19. The health and economic inequalities that have led to this need to urgently be addressed to protect lives going forward.

    At this time it's particularly important to be responsible if protesting and follow social-distancing. We are heartened to see that Black Lives Matter protesters in Hoddesdon were following this guidance, and hope any further protests can continue peacefully and safely.

    Broxbourne is not a place for hatred. We express our heartfelt solidarity with the Black Lives Matters protestors who had to experience this racism first hand. We should do everything we can to educate ourselves, our children and our communities, and to consign such views as a part of history.

    Broxbourne Liberal Democrats


  • /wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2018.Ron-HS-2-169x300.jpg
    Article: May 31, 2020
    By Brox Libdems

    Although there are 235 deaths listing COVID 19 registered in Hertfordshire between 10th April and 15th May according the Office of National Statistics, Herts Liberal Democrats have calculated that as many as 500 deaths are likely to have occurred according to figures that the County Council has collected from care homes. The Liberal Democrats have also raised concerns that a far higher number of deaths have occurred in care homes in Watford and Hertsmere than in other districts.

    Adult Care Health Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, County Cllr Ron Tindall added. "We are concerned that the policy choices by Government, which may well have contributed to deaths, through the discharge of COVID positive patients to care home settings which could not cope with the infection control. County council staff have also confirmed that due to the lack of testing they cannot be certain that asymptomatic patients were not admitted to care homes without proper isolation measures. "

    County Councillor Ron Tindall
    Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Public Health and Prevention, and Adult Care & Health

    "Hertfordshire Council officers have confirmed that the NHS discharged COVID positive patients to care home settings where 'isolation' is possible, but evidence that care homes were unable to adequately isolate discharged residents is building, suggesting that such discharges may have led to care home outbreaks and unnecessary and preventable deaths." said Cllr Ron Tindall.

    "I and my colleagues are concerned as we are across the country that the government acted too late and without taking on board the concerns of those in the care sector. This whole process needs a review and investigation once the COVID 19 crisis is under control. Lessons must be learned. It does on the face it seem that in the desperate rush to free up beds in hospitals, patients who may have had COVID 19 were discharged to care homes with no testing and inadequate infection control. "

    "The County Council itself purchased 250 care places to help with this at some considerable cost. It does seem that at the last minute the government panicked instead of fully planning. Hence we have the rush build of the Nightingale Hospital that was never really used. Instead, the elderly and vulnerable were shoved into a care home setting, where due to no fault of their own, they just could not manage. We have all heard of the shortages of PPE and vital equipment in our care homes."

    "Guidance from Government on care home visits and how to treat those who had been in contact with COVID positive patients was not modified until 13th March, leading to very significant risk of transmission in care home settings. Further changes have improved the situation but until the government has introduced a comprehensive testing regime, discharge outcomes cannot be certain."

    "From the information and reports we have seen lead us to believe hundreds of deaths may have occurred in care homes in our County which may have been preventable. It was clearly wrong to accept any hospital discharges to care homes until we were certain they the patient was COVID free and had not been in contact with a COVID positive person for 7 days prior. We have asked that the County Council officers to refuse to accept any further discharges to care home settings unless this assurance is given. Whilst we are pleased that the death rate is now dropping in our view it is clear some mistakes were made here led by the national instruction to clear hospital beds. We also want to know why there is a difference in death rates in our districts which may well be linked to this or to locations being nearer to London. Changes throughout the NHS and Care sector are needed now."

    "We raised concerns back in April about discharges into care home settings. We weren't alone. Without the assurances, that rightly families need, the risk is simply too great, it needs to stop now," demanded Cllr Ron Tindall for the Liberal Democrats.