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climate emergency

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  • Article: May 17, 2022
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, May 2022

    Liberal Democrat Views by Mione Goldspink, May, 2022.

    The terrible news about the ongoing ghastly war in Ukraine continues to dominate our UK news and to overshadow all our lives as we try very hard to "Keep Calm and Carry On". Many people wish to do something to help. Thousands of UK citizens have offered to be Hosts, which is marvellous, but it is really frustrating that the Home Office is so slow in processing the Visa applications. I still cannot understand why Britain cannot do as other countries do, and issue emergency Visas to admit the Refugees quickly and then complete the full process once they are safely here.

  • Article: Apr 26, 2022
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, April 2022

    Liberal Democrat Views by Mione Goldspink April, 2022.

    I am writing this article on 19th March, just before the deadline for the April publication. So some of my words may be irrelevant by the time you read them. But, some will still be true and appropriate. The war in Ukraine is cruel and ghastly and our hearts bleed for the people in their unimaginable suffering. We all wish fervently to help. The Aid Organisations have appealed for cash rather than goods. The helpers on the ground in the border countries can then buy whatever items are needed and ensure that they reach the refugees.

  • Article: Mar 15, 2022
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, March 2022

    Liberal Democrat Views by Mione Goldspink, March, 2022

    The District Council is drawing up its proposals for its Budget and next year's Council Tax, which will be debated at Full Council on 1st March. Councillors have been informed that serious savings are required in order to balance the books. So, we are all considering the figures very carefully. Liberal Democrats think that every effort should be made to protect the residents as much as possible. We recognise that many people are being hit very hard by the rise in the cost of living and that an increase in Council Tax will add to their difficulties. For this reason, the Liberal Democrats will vote against the Conservatives' proposal of a £5 increase for a Band D property and will call for a smaller rise of only £2.50 instead.

  • Article: Feb 14, 2022
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, February 2022

    Liberal Democrat Views by Mione Goldspink February, 2022

    The District Council is updating its Housing Strategy document. This contains the noble ambition to deliver more affordable homes across the District and to improve their quality and sustainability. It also contains the stark reality of the sky-high cost of all types of housing in East Herts, and of the near-impossibility for people on lower-average incomes to be able to afford them

  • Johnson must go 2
    Article: Jan 18, 2022

    Liberal Democrat Councillors in Hertford & Stortford call on Johnson to go and for Julie Marson MP to help him on his way

    On behalf of Liberal Democrat Councillors in the Hertford & Stortford constituency, County Councillor Calvin Horner and the leader of the opposition on East Herts District Council, Mione Goldspink have released a joint statement:

  • Article: Jan 13, 2022
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, December 2021

    Local Matters with Mione Goldspink December, 2021.

    It is good news that Wrenbridge's new proposal for the site off Whittington way is for a Business and Employment Park. This would have the potential to create between 250-450 new jobs, with scope for science, research and technology to all be developed. It could bring great benefit to Bishop's Stortford, and I welcome it most warmly.

  • Article: Jan 13, 2022
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, November 2021

    Local Matters with Mione Goldspink November, 2021.

    I am pleased and relieved that the planning application for the large 24hour Distribution Centre on the new development south of Whittington Way has now been withdrawn. I had always objected to this application and there has been huge community opposition, with an excellent petition expressing people's views. It is a great pity that the Conservative Planning Committee did not insist on better and tighter wording when it granted the permission in 2018.

  • /static/opengraph-image-a1f7d89ffd0782738b1aeb0da37842d8bd0addbd724b8e58c3edbc7287cc11de.png
    Article: Jun 20, 2021
    By Fabio Bonfante

    There is just 1 day until the deadline to obtain settled or pre-settled status.

    If you, or someone you know is a citizen of one of the 30 EEA countries and is a permanent resident in the UK. the deadline to obtain UK settled status as an EU national is June 30th. It is vital that you, and all the family members that wish to stay, even children, obtain this in order to continue to live in the UK and keep rights to healthcare and benefits amongst other things.

    If you have not already done so, please follow the instructions in the link below as soon as possible, allowing time for any issues which may arise. https://www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families/applying-for-settled-status

  • Article: Apr 3, 2021
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, March 2021

    Local Matters with Mione Goldspink March, 2021.

    Town, District and County Councils have been busy setting their Budgets and the size of Council Tax for the next financial year. Central Government has given financial support for some of the Covid-related expenses, but funding for some other services has been reduced, so District and County Councillors have faced difficult choices. As a Liberal Democrat, I question the wisdom of the Conservative administration at East Herts in saddling the District Council with so much borrowing repayment in order to fund its enormous capital programme. Was it not risky to have a £122Million programme for Old River Lane, Grange Paddocks, Hertford Theatre and Hartham Leisure all at the same time? I realise that no one could have predicted the Corona Virus pandemic and its detrimental effect on the Council's finances. Nor could anyone have anticipated Central Government's very sudden changes in the rules about public sector borrowing. These changes instantly disqualified part of the East Herts programme. However, there was one negative effect which could have been predicted, and that was the extra expense caused by Brexit, causing increase in costs.

  • Article: Feb 14, 2021
    By Mione Goldspink in "The Flyer", February 2021

    Local Matters with Mione Goldspink February 2021

    The Agenda for the Full District Council on 13th January (by Zoom of course) contained two very controversial topics. Firstly, the proposal that the Council should make a charge for the collection of Garden Waste, which we dispose of on our Brown Bins. Secondly, that the Council should accept a drastically reduced scheme for the Old River Lane site.