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Mione Goldspink's article for the Flyer, July 2018

July 14, 2018 10:30 PM
By Mione Goldspink

Local Matters with Mione Goldspink July, 2018

The theme of this year's Town Carnival is "Celebrating Bishop's Stortford". I am writing this article just before Carnival Day, so I am wondering how all the various organisations that take part will demonstrate this theme. Will there be models of the old Malting buildings? Will there be floats of narrow Boats, taking our goods to London by river? What about our Norman Castle and Mound? or the Roman skeleton in our Museum? Will St.Michael's Church and Windhill be depicted?

But, maybe the Carnival participants will opt for more modern items. They might celebrate our excellent Schools, or the Railway station, to signify a commuter town. They might portray some of our flourishing dance and theatre schools or sporting clubs, or our talented amateur dramatic and music groups. There are U3A, Rotary clubs, helping Organisations and Church groups, and many more.

Whatever the Carnival Procession or the Fun Day on Sworder's Field depict, I am sure they will show what a vibrant, active Town we inhabit, and how fortunate we are to have a dedicated Town Council which organises such a lovely event to for everyone to enjoy.

I have a warm appreciation for the Town Council for its work on the Carnival, but, I have no such good feelings towards the Tory-controlled District Council. This seems determined to press ahead with spending £20Million of tax-payers' money on a big new Theatre. I have yet to see any evidence that this might be a viable project. For instance - How many Theatre companies have said that they would definitely come here if we had such a theatre? How many people have said that they would definitely use it? How will the money be found to support the Town Museum if the Rhodes Centre activities are all re-located?

The District Council also seems determined to push ahead with its plans for a huge, 6-storey, car park at Northgate End, in spite of real worries about the increased Traffic congestion, and the closeness to domestic dwellings.

This same Council is now appealing for volunteers to serve on its "Shaping Stortford Steering Group". This meets once a month, on a weekday, from 15.30-17.30, so no one in full-time employment will be able to attend. What an insult to the working population! What a farce!

The Conservative District Council's attitude to people and to democracy leaves much to be desired.

Mione Goldspink

Chairman, Bishop's Stortford Liberal Democrats