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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Europe meeting on 2 November, with parliamentarian Dick Newby

At the Apton Centre, 22 Apton Rd, Bishop's Stortford, CM23 3SN at 7.30pm

Dick Newby

Dick Newby

Dick Newby, leader of the LibDems in the House of Lords, with our prospective parliamentary candidate Mark Argent, will speak about Europe, and where things are in the light of the referendum and what has followed.

In June, Tim Farron said that the LibDems would campaign to reverse Brexit if there were a snap general election. The party remains committed to support for EU membership and for the closest possible relationship with the EU in any case, believing that this makes sense, economically, culturally and politically.


Campaigning in Witney

With Liz Luffman in Witney

On Saturday 8 October some of us went to join in the campaign to get Liz Leffman elected in the Witney by-election, caused by the resignation of David Cameron as an MP.

It was an exciting day: more than 370 LibDems were out campaigning that day alone, offering the chance to connect with LibDems from across the country.

In the end the result was a leap from 7% of the vote in 2015 to 30%, with the Tory vote share falling from 60% to 45%. That's enough to register shock over the harsh tone of the 2016 Tory party conference, and rumours of a "hard Brexit".

Liberal Democrats remain committed to seeking a future for the UK within the European Union and a good result here would help pull things back towards finding a healthy future in Europe.

East Herts District Council By-Election in Puckeridge - An encouraging result

Sara Mihajlovic

Sara Mihajlovic, working with a resident

On 16 September, Sara achieved 18% of the vote in the by-election in Puckeridge, caused by the resignation of Conservative councillor James Cartwright. This is more than double the share of the vote achieved by Liberal Democrats in Hertford and Stortford and North East Hertfordshire constituencies in the General Election, and a remarkable result in a ward where we had not put forward a candidate in recent elections.Well done to Sara and the team for all their hard work.

Recent updates from the Liberal Democrats

  • By Thomas Cole

    The EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA) has stalled, at least for the time-being. Despite the fact that it would have reduced almost all tariffs between the two sides and taken away customs duties amounting to savings of around €500m, coupled with the projected subsequent increase in trade, for the time being it is dead.

    Article / Oct 25, 2016
  • Liz Leffman at the count in Witney, with the Conservative, elected on a greatly reduced majority
    By Mark Argent in Liberal Democrat Voice

    The result in the Witney by-election was a substantial swing to the LibDems, jumping from fourth place on 6.8% to second place on 30.2%. Liz Leffman and her team did an outstanding job, and the party was clearly ready to rally to the cause.

    Over the next few days there were speculations about what that would mean if replicated at a General Election, with estimates of the number of seats likely to switch from Tory to LibDem put between 26 and 51. The statistician in me is wary of those extrapolations: there are lots of unknowns at by-elections, and British politics is especially turbulent at the moment.

    Article / Oct 25, 2016
  • Ware Arts Centre, Kibes Lane, Ware, Herts SG12 7ED

    Hertford and Stortford LibDems AGM.

    Former MP Matthew Green will speak on his experience of turning around Ludlow constituency, which had been held by the Conservatives for nearly a century. Matthew helped us campaign in the Puckeridge by-election recently, and draws a parallel between Ludlow when he first became involved there and Hertford and Stortford now.

    Event / Nov 24, 2016 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Last night saw the results of the Witney by-election - we started the campaign in 4th place as 50/1 outsiders and thanks to the relentless, positive campaign we ran, dented the Conservative majority and secured one of our best by-election results in decades. This is what you need to know:

    1: If this result was repeated across the UK, the Tories would lose their majority

    Article / Oct 21, 2016
  • Dick Newby
    Apton Centre, 22 Apton Rd, Bishop's Stortford, CM23 3SN

    The result of the referendum came as a shock to most Liberal Democrats, and has profound implications for the UK. At the moment it is far from clear what the way forward will hold. Donald Tusk is suggesting that the choice is between "hard brexit and no brexit". Theresa May has said that "brexit means brexit" and the language coming from the Conservative party conference was chilling. The referendum result has already seen a sharp decline in the pound, and damage to Britain's credit rating: there are already serious economic consequences, even without beginning the formal process to leave the EU.

    Event / Nov 2, 2016 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Liberal Democrat peer, John Sharkey, whose Private Member's Bill was instrumental in securing a pardon for Alan Turing, has reached an agreement with the Government which will grant a posthumous pardon to thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted under long abolished sexual offence laws.

    Those similarly convicted but still alive will also receive pardons if they have successfully applied for a disregard or in future successfully apply for a disregard under the Protection of Freedoms Act.

    Article / Oct 20, 2016
  • By Dr Alan Bullion, Special Reports & Projects Director, Agribusiness Intelligence

    Former Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg today warned that the price rises already being seen across Britain's food and drink sector were indicative of a wider 'cliff edge' in other key sectors of the economy, ahead of an increasingly likely 'Hard Brexit', taking the UK outside of the EU single market and customs union.

    Article / Oct 18, 2016
  • Responding to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal ruling today which found that UK security agencies unlawfully collected data of British citizens for over a decade, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said:

    "Allowing the state to collect endless amounts of personal data is not just a gross invasion of a privacy, it is a waste of precious resources.

    Article / Oct 17, 2016
  • By Nick Hopkinson, chair of the Liberal Democrat European Group in Liberal Democrat Voice, 10 October 2016

    Our future trade relations are the major battleground in the Brexit process. Unfortunately the public debate on trade remains poor, fuelled by the Brexiteers' misleading, if not self-delusional, narrative of how the global world trading system works.

    Brexiteers tell us the EU is more dependent upon us because we import their cars, cheeses and wines so we shall secure a good deal. When Brexiteers are reminded about our large trade deficit, International Trade Minister Fox blames our "fat and lazy" businessmen. Brexiteers argue we shall be free to conclude our own trade deals. However, a free trade deal with the EU will afford less market access than what we enjoy now as part of the Single European Market. It is no wonder why business organisations have responded with an open letter asking the Government to ensure we retain full Single Market access.

    Article / Oct 17, 2016
  • The Prime Minister has said that whilst negotiations are ongoing the status of EU nationals in the UK will not change, something repeated by the Home Secretary in her leadership launch yesterday

    But the future status of these people is not clear beyond any renegotiation period, leading to uncertainty.

    Petition / Oct 14, 2016

The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united, and committed to continue to campaign for the UK to remain a member of the EU.

Open means open-hearted, open-minded, forward-looking, mod­ern, green, internationalist and pro-European. We believe Britain is at its best when it is creative, innovative and outward-looking, comfortable in the fast-changing modern world and open to the opportunities and challenges of globalisation and the digital revolution.

Tolerant means diverse, com­passionate and generous. We will always fight injustice and stand up for the underdog, the outsider, the individual, the minority and the vulnerable against the powerful.

United means we will always put the interests of the whole United Kingdom first. We reject the divisions in society, whether between young and old, urban and rural, leave and remain, or between regions and nations. We believe we are stronger - as communities, as a country and as a world - when we work together in our common interest.

If this sounds like you too, join us.

Winning across the country